Okay so it has been a while since I have put anything up on here and I would like to bring up why and what has been going on, I will try and keep this brief as I will do multiple posts on this as a lot has happened. Back in December of 2017 was my last post and back then I had recently been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or as others like to call it Aspergers, it’s a term that is rarely used by professionals but some of us on the spectrum still like to use that name as it sounds nicer. Over those years I have been coming to terms with my condition and how I differ from the general population, I know there’s many others on the spectrum but it feels like we don’t have much of a presence out there and it can feel quite lonely.

I have also been helping out at Curtin University with research projects some of which have my name on which is pretty darn cool, It has been so nice to work with a amazing bunch of people passionate about autism and its community. They are always looking for people to partake in their research so if you’re interested in getting involved check out their facebook page here at Curtin Autism Research Group, it might look a bit quiet at the moment on there if you have looked but this will be changing soon.

Due to helping out with the research I know so much more and also having support from the Autism Association of Western Australia with the funding I have had from the NDIS, I have been able to work on how to make life easier for myself. All of this I will do in separate blogs on here so I can share just some of the stuff I’ve done and how it will help you out or someone you might know.

I will also go over life changing moments, I know I might have gone over this in the past but now I can share more as I know more. Also when it comes to writing I am teaching myself as I go because when I left school I couldn’t read or write so I am slowly teaching myself, I might not write correctly but hopefully you can have a good idea on what I’m saying.

I will also share links to research that’s happened and give a bit of a back story on it. I would like to make this place somewhere for me to advocate online and also share info I find relevant, I won’t share stuff which is harmful and stuff needs to be backed up from reliable sources.

Feel free to share this around and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on what is spoken about here, I will try and post up a couple of times each week.

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

The cover photo is one of mine taken here in Western Australia.

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