Well its been a while since I’ve been sharing whats been going on and frankly a lot has been happening and I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to put my fingers on the keyboard and type until now. This last year and a bit as been huge I had a accident this time a year ago which put me out of action for a long time and its made some restrictions to this day, I had a fall and broke my upper back and I feel I still have some problems in my shoulder joints and it pops and clicks when doing certain tasks, I’m going to visit a doctor possibly tomorrow to see how I can resolve this and get some treatment if possible.

During the time I was home bound due to the pain and medication I was on I put my time into blogging and building up a audience on my Instagram account as I had the time to do this. I started off with just over 2,000 followers now the last few months have been slow as Instagram have made it harder to grow, but I also haven’t been as active as I once was, now I have 88,500 follower I was growing by 10,000 followers a month earlier on in the year before the change with Instagram. Now I’m getting into building up my youtube channel which is a struggle but I keep getting asked by my audience to create content and now I’m starting to vlog when I go out and take some photos.

Now back to the Aspergers side I am going to be getting help soon as I’ve just been diagnosed again after my old records from school couldn’t be found and anyway my school records wouldn’t be up to date with the struggles I have today in my adult life as a 27 year old. When reading over the report its sad to read how some people view me as in the way I show very little facial expression and when it comes to talking I’m very much on the topic or talk about things that interest me, I don’t know how to talk to others outside of my normal context neither to I give any real physical contact like a hug for instance… I just find physical contact very hard for me to deal with and offend I get into a panic because of it like when saying high to friends for instance… I’m fine with a hand shake, I would like some hand sensitiser on me though at times.

Anyway theres lots of good things that will come from this like the support to learn how to interact with people more and learn things that most would come naturally to them but for me I need to learn it. Also I’m going to go back into training I’m looking at doing architecture I think this will be something that will be up my street as I do find construction and engineering fascinating then bringing them together would be great, plus I can visualise how things are put together and how it would looks as if it was on a computer or I was in person. Also I’ll be able to move out of home living with my mum into a place of my own which will be so helpful for me now and I think it will help me develop and learn new skills or improve on what I currently know and have a place I can call mine in a way. I’m looking at an apartment since my place will be secure and I’ll need a place thats got good security for my car too, the last thing I’d want is for it to get stolen.

I do feel right now things need to change as I can see I’m becoming more and more isolated and the reason for me saying this is I used to do my motorsports photography which allowed me to connect with lots of people even though I didn’t always like it most of the time but it got me away from the house. Now I’m getting into landscape photography and trying to connect with more photographers over here in Perth where I live and when theres enough people the plan is to go out and take photos and also meet ups, I’m going to be running this through Instagram.

Possibly in a years time when I have my own place hopefully by then I’ll be doing weekly vlogs on youtube as like a digital dairy but also something for people to be able to connect with and not feel so alone. I know with Autism you might have a lot of support but in that it can be very overwhelming and it can trigger you off to freak out and go quite, I’m like this and when it comes to receiving this help I know I’m going to struggle with it. They list what I have as a “disorder” now I don’t like that word as I don’t think I have one but thinking again I do in a way but its not in the fields where it would normally effect people. As I can work and I am intelligent I just lack the social side.

Anyway this has been a bit of a long one and now that things are happening again I’ll be able to share whats going on here 🙂

Have a wonderful evening!

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