Aspergers – What View Should It Be Seen As ?

Well as the title says what view should it be seen as ? and by that I mean should it be seen as a disorder like the medical institute see people like myself as people who don’t fit in to our society… We seem to be cast as out siders for most of us and when you get the label it makes you feel even worse thinking that this way of life you have been living can’t be changed as you know in your head and mind like many of us we find change in our routine very difficult to comprehend and accept when it does which causes us to go into a break down be it only a small one but often its pretty bad. Lets put it into this context so you’ll be able to understand lets say for us if I wanted to go on a certain route on a drive all the planning I done in my head up to that stage has been trashed and I’m having to start again this causes me to go on a spiral of depression and anxiety yep its really that easy… but to put it into context it would be like you missing a flight at the air port all that planning has gone out the window now you have to plan again and go through everything again.

Well I was watching a video on YouTube recently the one I’m sharing below I wanted to find out what characteristic I had that those people have as a entrepreneur which I think I have so this is the video I watched…

I realised after watching this is I have a lot of signs and after coming to the terms with this I’m using it as a drive in my life as I know I could be someone that can make a change in this world and now this is where the Aspergers comes into play… I see a lot of things done in the wrong way be it how people act or how things get done or wrong actions are being used I notice this in major companies and the government. I’m always thinking about ways of improving life like I often think about how to heat and cool a house for free only using nature and physics to work for you as our houses here in Australia have so much we are leaving to waste on theses new houses that are going up all the time and commercial builds.

I also watched this video on suicide the reason I watched it is I had a open mind before clicking that play button I wanted to hear what someone else’s experiences have made them realise as I came pretty close to ending my life a few months ago and in this video I could relate to a lot of it… make sure you listen to what the true message is in this and you’ll feel better about life if you have a open mind that is willing to accept change if not you’ll say it was stupid or crazy what did I watch.
My message from the video was that the things we think about that have a hold over us be it relationships, family, health, money etc its all not as import as we view it to be, our life is the most important thing and we can walk away when something gets hard and theres always a way but in doing that we have this thing called fear that stops us its all the what if’s and we don’t like failing so before you’ve even started doing anything you’ve talked yourself out of it achieving nothing… everyone can change as you’re the one that can make it happen not someone else.

This guy in the video went through it all and let go but was saved by someone now he’s doing talks like this.

After this video I was still in the open mind ness view on things and everything else I thought I knew it went out the window be it from things I’ve picked up along the way or from people I’ve met. I find if you fill yourself with all this positive content in your life then you can always think back and know when you are going through the tough times that others like yourself have also done it as they all started from somewhere.

So at the end of the day what should people with Aspergers be seen as well we are different but its not a bad thing we have the ability to do things most can’t from the way we think about difficult tasks to making a change as we don’t always let our emotions get in the way as we see the logical side in things and less likely to get brain washed since we are more than often going to ask questions into a matter and if we care about something then we will study it like mad… so those of you like me who have it don’t look on it as a negative but instead take a step back and turn it into a positive so how to do this… well take a week or a month or a year off what you are doing and get to really know yourself I find this easier when you don’t have people around you and being single helps as this can be a venerable point and any put downs in this period can drive you down into the ground, you’ll go through times of depression but let it be and go with it as you’ll come out on a high at the end of it… Now when I’m out I think I’m better than most but in the terms of seeing things in a nicer light and I can bring a change so daily I’m thinking of something I can bring into people homes and lives that will make a change in there life.

What I have noticed on the radio here in Australia just how much brain washing is being done on it, well things like people thinking money and things are important in life, moving out of your parents place and into a home of your own, the music about finding love with a ”soul mate” all of theses things are not important its about being happy with your own well being and right now I’m happy being single I could do it for the rest of my life easily so long as I’ve got friends I can catch up with and people that will be there that I can talk to.


Now to finally answer my question, I don’t think it should be seen as a disorder but as something that is a gift we are privileged to behold in our lives we find it tough but we have much more to deal with and the things we do daily a normal person would face it very rarely so we have developed ways of coping in those situations 🙂 So use both your negatives and positives that make you who you are at the end of the day try not to change to much but embrace them and kick out the worries and keep that chin held high and be pleased about who you are! I have met a few people with it who cast them selves as outsiders that try and blend in but can’t or have given up but the thing to do is be who you are and the world will work around you as you’ll find that things as not as bad as you originally thought up to this point and the people you’ve been fearing have actually got a lot of worries and fears or problems they struggle to work through.

So everyone has something ‘wrong’ with them but that makes us human and theses bad things shouldn’t always be deemed as a negative… like asking to many questions in life where things don’t make sense, being on your own, etc…

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