Hello, It’s been a while since I done my last blog but lots of things have happened since then… Like for instance I’m now working for a friend for the last few weeks helping him out on jobs in this time we’ve done two bathroom renovations mainly but we do the prep work and tiling… then some other bits and pieces along the way.

I must say working for someone again after 4 years is something thats hard to get used to but the hard thing for me is having someone doing the thinking as normally thats my department and letting that go is a difficult one for me… I now have to adjust so I can fit back into the world as what I am basically a labourer or an assistant to help out with the work at hand so basically a extra set of hands. What this has enabled me to do is now start buying things and also taken the strain off of me financially when I would be worrying about money each hour of each day… I still save money and don’t spend it in areas I don’t need to, I now narrow down how I spend my money into two sections which are “do I need this” or “Yep I need to buy this and its not a waste of money” then I also weigh it up seeing if I need it right away or if its something I can get in a few months time and only normally buying one thing each pay week the rest I save and goes towards daily expenses.

I like to buy hot food on the job but taking lunch from home doesn’t appeal to me after when I used to work in the mines when thats all I ate, I’m liking my pies at the moment like the curry ones 🙂

Anyway I’ll stop talking and let you check out my Vlog I have done this evening… enjoy 🙂

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