Today I met up with a friend that I’ve recently become friends with this year and he told me he reckons he has Aspergers after reading and watching what I’ve been putting up on this site I’ve created.
Theres a site where you answer 50 questions and this will give you a indication if you are on the spectrum or not on a points based system.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 20.08.11.png

Simply click on this link and theres two options to choose from, one is like this one above and the next is simply a list but I found this top one easier for me… just a personal preference.

This is the link to the Aspergers Syndrome test please note this is more to give you a indication if you have it or not then if you come into it then you can go and see a specialist where you’ll be able to get diagnosis from here if they say you have it you can get help if you need it… like me for instance where I can’t do a normal day job anymore so they can help out with income and training for employment.

Make sure you answer truthfully some you might have to question yourself about and others just come naturally.

Just so you can check out what I’m rated at if you are interested I’ve just done this test.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 20.25.25.png

Some information that will come up at the end of the test to show where you will be going by your score.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 20.24.59.png

2 thoughts on “Aspergers Test.

    • Thats a decent score but I’m sure you’ve come across areas you struggle with in you day to day life. It is nice knowing you have something that makes you think in a different way to others allowing you to know its not you who is the problem but others so you just have to do your best to adjust to there way of life… though I’m sure you know sometimes this is not possible.


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