I’ll keep this one short as not much needs to be said in this one from my personal experiences… well as you know I went along to a meet up with others who where on the autism spectrum this was all done through a Facebook group made up of just over 50 members. Well I have never done group things before when it comes to getting help or learning more about myself as its always been a thing that I’ve tackled on my own but I thought I’d give this way a go to see.
Now I’ve learn all my photography by picking things up along the way and I’ve found when I’ve been talking about photography within a group it can get edgy and tempers to fly since not everyone is on a equal level… which is very normal really as some are misinformed or are just after a bit of entertainment for there day.

Well with groups I’m not one of those people who join and then sit from a distance watching for a while before slowly bringing things to the table… I’m one who gets involved pretty quickly now this isn’t to prove anything its all just to know the group and its regular members, be it from talking in a topic thats already going that I know a lot about from experiences or to asking questions of my own… Its a great way of networking and making friendships from it plus I like to throw some humour in there as most people let there walls down when you bring this but not everyone as i’ve found out.

Well going back to this group that wants to get other people on the autism spectrum talking but I found out today from a member within the group its all got to be facts and no general chit chat, now this makes it very formal and not much fun… So you can see I wouldn’t fit in here but theres nothing within the groups terms that people can say in the description about this otherwise I would never have joined.

I did get a rather aggressive private message from the admin of the group who I was talking to in a charm manner but he was always on the aggressive and twisting my words at one point he said this which I found very out of order and I think others would as well. I mentioned in the PM that I like using humour to realise tension but this guy didn’t see it my way.

Humour only works between people that know each other.



NT is a abbreviation for neurotypical which means “a neologism originating in the autistic community as a label for people who are not on the autism spectrum.”

Now since this conversation its made me reflect on how to go about learning about myself but while I was in the group I learn’t a lot of the vital things I wanted to learn about, there was a reason I put those first just incase something like this where to happen.

So now I’m going to get back out there with my photography work as this week and a bit has been one hell of a experience and I’m going to go to medical professionals who can help me instead when I need it… more so for the talking about aspect verse the medication side as I’m not going down that path. That means steering away from the groups but at least I’ve made some friends out of it so it hasn’t all gone to waste this experience 🙂

I hope this blog counts a short… haha.

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