Well what a week its been its been full of highs and lows… from getting see by a doctor to a psychologist that was pretty useless really as I didn’t feel or get anything to say she was interested in my case… seemed as if she had her own problems.

So after this I got talking on a Aspergers and Autism group about my issues and also my experiences and I found out that what I thought where problems only I was living with wasn’t the case… I actually had a conversation over family and friend affairs I’ve been having issues with and around out that I wouldn’t be thinking on the same terms no matter how much I tired as its just the way my brain is wired up. For an example I look at things in a factual manner and also logical when others let there feelings and egos get the better of them for most of the time and this can go on for ages sometimes years… mine is more along the lines of a few weeks at tops then I move on.

In the Autism and Aspergers world we call “normal” people as NT which stands for and I quote:

An abbreviation of neurologically typical, is a neologism originating in the autistic community as a label for people who are not on the autism spectrum. However, the term eventually became narrowed to refer to those with strictly typical neurology.

I went along to a meet up in the city where I got to meet others on the spectrum who have autism and Aspergers we all come different ways of life but everyone had a very similar way of how they see things and how things should be done… I noticed one guy who was close to me at the time struggling to make conversation with the rest and I could tell he found the whole situation unnerving how I could tell is I was doing that but I had ways of dealing with it so it doesn’t get on top of me.

We got talking about his job and weak points and he saw everything sort of negative but I could see many great things ahead of them but this is where the anxiety and depression step in and upset the balance… So I started bringing up ways of getting around it by starting up his own company and employing others to do the areas he can’t manage its what a business does as not one person can do everything you often need to hand the duties over to someone else who’s excels in what they do.

I do love helping others and guiding them through the tough times and I’ve been thought a lot myself and still am to this day, but giving advice and helping others just makes me feel good and I have this sense that what I’ve done will have a chain on effect.

So what I’m now learning is areas I can’t really change on in the way of my behaviour but now to focus on what I know is normal for us with Aspergers and know when to stop or take actuations when out in the world dealing with NT. I have so much more to learn but once I know more about myself then I can deal with everything in a much better manner, I don’t want to have stress in my life thats been caused by me saying the wrong thing or when I get involved in something where my opinion wouldn’t really matter or change the out come. I’m now just going to focus on my well being and loved ones around me.

No video on this on as I think the worlds have covered it quite nicely and its allowed me to think as I’m typing more as I have gone back and fixed some things up plus works great for quotes.

I’ll hopefully share another blog later on in the week 🙂

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