So today I’ve decided to do a follow up video to what I done yesterday I’m feeling better today thought I am also still depressed and have anxiety issues. But in the process of doing this site and blogs its allowing me to open up and off load the issues I’ve been keeping to myself over the years.

I’m off to see a psychologist this Friday as the part of the first stage of my treatment and the recovery process and I’m really hoping this will allow me to control my feelings and thoughts and be able to focus them into a positive channel that will lead to success. The doctor I spoke today with when I had my mum in the room he noticed that I have it and could see that I’m gifted and I’m very intelligent, the reason I brought my mum along is that she knows stuff about when I was at school when they where doing tests on me… She did find out a lot of new things about me and my past that she wasn’t aware of that I’ve kept secret.

So anyway after going down to the doctors I dropped mum off at home and went out to Centrelink to get on the benefit system and I will not say anymore and you’ll have to see how I found it be it to be following through with it all or backing out I’m sure you’ll be interested to know what I choose to do…

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