Today I decided to take the time out of my day to talk about how I find living with Aspergers. I’ve had this since I was a child but only in the last year I’ve come to terms with it and trying to understand ways of dealing with it.

Things I brought up in this video below are completely true and have not been enhanced just to gain views, Yesterday when I done this I was felling really low and wanted to do something about it so the best way I could see is just to turn on the computer and start recording using the build in camera on my computers display… It does go on for a while but I have a lot to say and with time I will become better with my videos. This was the first time ever I’ve sat down in my office and opened up to make this public it took a lot for me to even do this.

Over time when I get better with my videos I will go out onto locations and make some videos using my main camera kit so the videos will be a lot clearer and a better quality.

I listed in my video I’m a photographer well just so you can see what I do if you’re interested wonder over to my main website.

As this is my first blog on this new site I’d like to let you all know I done this not only for me but also to allow me to connect with others in my situation who are suffering from Aspergers or someone who is going through something similar.

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